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What is it?


A virtual agent that answers or makes phone calls. Voice interaction in natural language. 100% cloud-based solution and service.

Experience Google Home, Alexa, Watson and Cortana on a phone call.

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What is it for?

Automates your phone-based customer service. Transforms the customer experience. Your 360° contact centre.

Cuts costs and acts as an extra agent in your call centre, using a natural voice interaction mode.

  • Improves the availability of telephone agents.

  • Integration in call centre to support, collaborate with or reduce the stress of agents.

  • Use of voice cuts down waiting times and the poor image of “Press 1”.

  • Holds conversations in natural language.

  • Omni-channel: adds the telephone channel to your chatbot.

  • Cloud-based, redundant and highly available infrastructure.

How does it work?

Voxibot automates phone calls with a service based on speech technologies and chatbots. Uses cloud-based infrastructure, VoIP telephony, cloud speech resources and chatbots/AI services. Can be integrated with corporate data via web services.

  • Base estándar VoiceXML / PHP (o cualquier otro lenguaje Web). Integra nuestro motor Voximal
  • Extensión framework ChatBots (DialogFlow/Watson/Luis/Davi/Smartlly y muchos mas) con Inteligencia Artificial
  • Integration via APIs with external systems: web services/WebHooks (with XML/Json/REST to access and integrate them with company data)

  • Unlimited languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, etc. ) Open to any provider.

  • Web interface for configuration/administration

Voxibot, it’s super smart

What does it integrate?

Voxibot uses cloud or local resources to interact. It also uses the very best services to deliver a unique interaction experience.

How is it customised?

Customise it with the image that best suits your company

It customises the corporate image by creating a person with a character, a tone and a voice that identifies the way you communicate. It customises each action you’re going to take, creating questions and answers adapted to the conditions of your business so that it learns and becomes more and more effective.

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  • ¡Escucha!

Try it now!

If you don’t know what to say, here you’ll find out how we have taught it to react and behave.

Give it a call now and ask away!

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Who uses Voxibot?

Our technology is used as a white label by major companies around the world

Who are our partners?

Voxibot interacts with several technological and commercial partners linked to the development of speech technologies and artificial intelligence

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Would you like to contact us?

Voxibot was created by Ulex and i6net. If you need any information about prices or if you have any questions about how Voxibot works, please feel free to send us a message.

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